Suzanne Preston

I make colourful indoor and outdoor mosaic pieces and a range of light reflecting jewellery.


Textiles and Surface Pattern was my original training followed by a few years as a community artist in the Midlands. I later taught Art in secondary education before becoming a complementary health practitioner. I've always enjoyed working with fabrics but in the past few years have become enamoured with mosaics.


Being passionate about up-cycling, many of the components of what I make are found, salvaged or gifted. I never know exactly how a piece will finish up as I'm often inspired by whatever materials I have available. Each piece is unique.


One of the attractions of mosaics is that they constantly change according to the light and/or weather conditions. Pieces of glazed tiles and stained glass often form an uneven surface which makes the design shimmer and sparkle in both sunlight and rain. They can brighten outdoor spaces all year around and the use of building cements and grouts ensures they are weather resistant and durable.


I run workshops from my studio near Launceston and am always happy to consider commission work.

Shatter Mosaics