Maddy Meaden

I grew up in rural Dorset, and then studied fine art at Exeter College of Art and Design in the early 80’s. After gaining a post graduate teaching qualification I moved to North Cornwall and embarked on a teaching career that has spanned the last 30 years. I have taught all ages of children, as well as young and older adults.


At times when I couldn’t continue with my own practice, I continued to research and explore art, sometimes through the eyes of my pupils. Now I have retired from (school) teaching so I am able to focus on my own work.


I am lucky enough to have a lovely large studio situated in a field which doubles up as a garden. Surrounded by nature and following seasonal changes gives me plenty of inspiration. Colour, natural forms and imperfections in nature are usually my starting points.


Experimenting with techniques and different media continue to excite me as they did when I was teaching. Being part of the Swanskin Printmakers group has enabled me to explore and share the discipline of printmaking with other like-minded artists in North Cornwall.