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Sarah Barnes - Scatty Bun

I'm Sarah, aka Scatty or Bun, mum of two girls and part-time secretary, part-time manic tin-collector-and-recycler, I'm always busy making or doing, never seem to sit still for long and can't abide waste. I love meeting people and talking about what I do - I've become rather a "tin bore" and am constantly amazed by how much I can remember about each tin I've used (but can't remember why I went upstairs...)

I take beautiful old tins, that have been filled with buttons and screws and left forgotten in cupboards and drawers, and turn them into fabulous wearable art, occasionally using bits and bobs from other recycled jewellery items.

I sometimes use modern tins as well, but the old ones are the best, their dents and scratches map their history. I don't try to erase this history, it's part of their beauty, so if the surface is a bit faded or unstable, or there are scratches or tiny rust spots, I'll often varnish or wax finished pieces to preserve and protect them from further deterioration, rather than hide it or just not use the interesting bits.

There's plenty of perfect, shiny jewellery around, I like to think mine is different - a bit quirky if you like - and has character and charm all of its own.  

Floral Tin Earrings
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