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Dr. Gudrun Taresch

Gudrun works in a wide range of diverse mediums but with her jewellery, she works mainly with silver and glass, and sometimes with wood and other metals. Her passion for glass comes from Murano, Italy, where she used to watch the glassblowers as a little girl and it is a fascination of the world of bright colours.


She started creating jewellery in cooperation with a goldsmith, whom she shared an arts shop  with 20 years ago in Munich, Germany. Ever since she collected ideas and inspirations from her many journeys, especially to Japan.


Currently her main source of inspiration for her jewellery is the wild nature, harsh history and ancient culture of Cornwall. Everything she creates are unique pieces of artwork, often the result of new ideas and experiments with new styles and materials.

Gudrun Taresch
Gudrun Taresch
Gudrun Taresch
Glass Necklace
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