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Lime Kiln Crafts

After many years of learning different techniques of using clay, I decided to pursue my love of pottery when we moved to Cornwall in 2018. I set up my studio with a potter’s wheel and kiln.

I am a member of Cornish Ceramics and Glass Group, through the group, I was able to make my own Raku kiln. I love the texture that you can get and the vibrancy of colours. Using this technique, I have developed my Cornish village collection. I make miniature cottages and houses, Engine houses and Churches.

I also throw a section of functional stoneware mugs, jugs, bowls and plates. My inspiration for their decoration is usually from the coast, glazed in blues and whites, with decorative features.

Wendy Bacon

Raku Houses
Lime Kiln Crafts
Lime Kiln Craft
Lime Kiln Crafts
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