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Wendy Sayers - Cornish Flower Fairies 

My name is Wendy Wash and i live in Chilsworthy, Gunnislake. I moved to Cornwall 6 years ago when i married my husband.                                                                       Cornwall has always had a very Spiritual connection with me. Forever working with Oils and Watercolours i then decided to try something New!!                                             The hedgerows between March and June presented the most wonderful pretty colour pallet to me. Every year around this time i said to myself  "how can i use them in my Art in a unique way"? I began to pick Bluebells, Snowdrops, Primroses and Campions and proceeded to press them. Experimenting with an assortment of flowers some would work, some not so much.                                         " What to do with all of these pressed flowers"? Fairies!!!! I had a love for these imaginary little beings so why not try to combine my 2 loves, Flowers and Fairies.                 

That is exactly what happened. Whilst experimenting one day I was listening to the track Fairies wear boots by Black Sabbath and everything came together in an instant.  From that day forward my fairies would always wear fairy boots in every picture. Perfect!!!! I now title each picture because this takes the viewer into their little fairy world.   

Photo 16-07-2020, 15 48 18
Photo 16-07-2020, 15 55 27
Photo 16-07-2020, 15 57 00
Photo 06-08-2020, 12 41 08
Photo 16-07-2020, 16 23 45
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