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Emma Cooper

I have always been passionate about horses and have owned, ridden and painted them since childhood. I

began experimenting with equine portraiture in my teenage years and went on to produce pet portraits

for friends and family until starting a career at the Land Registry. My artistic abilities were utilized during

my work career where I was employed in the production of illustrative plans.

My interest stems from a desire to capture and recreate their beauty, strength and grace. The bonds

that can be forged between human and horse have been depicted in art throughout history. I wish to

explore these bonds and the empathy we share.


More recently I have embarked on a project to produce 12 artworks, ‘Horoscope Horses’, which depict

horses as Astrological signs, this work has led me to my next project, entitled ‘Elementals’ in which

horses are depicted as the elements, e.g. Air, Fire, Earth and water.


I have organized Exhibitions for The Hillingdon Artists since 2014 and exhibited regularly with them

locally in London. I am also a member of The London Visual Artists and The Society of Equine Artists and

had work excepted for Exhibition in there Summer Show. Since moving to Cornwall in June 2018 I have

been offered a solo Exhibition at The Castle Gallery in Bude and am actively seeking out new connections

and experiences within the local arts scene.

Firehorse Arts
Firehorse Arts
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