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Wild Blue Hare 

I work from my cottage in rural Cornwall. I love capturing a unique and beautiful plant moment in plaster and preserving it forever. As a horticulturalist and designer I look for new material that excites me, a fading seed head or new growth emerging which I then interpret in my own way.


I create botanical plaster reliefs and each impression can be cast only once, so truly unique. I impress plant material into clay and then cast a single relief.


With each tile I try and capture some of the ephemeral qualities of plants. I like to create compositions which reflect the view and feeling of looking through a border or meadow.

I have worked in horticulture for many years and am entirely self-taught. I have spent much time developing my craft and the use of specialist plasters and techniques I believe are unique to me. I have recently developed a mono print technique which incorporates colour into the background of my tiles and allows me to create a filigree leaf effect.


The tiles are art pieces ready to hang or can be installed in interiors as feature tiles.

Wild Blue Hare
Botanical Tile
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