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Sara Rance - Cracking Photography

Having started with film camera photography, striving for perfection in sports photography where timing is critical (you can't retake the shot over and over again) it has made me strive for quality over quantity, which is often lacking with digital photographers in this day and age.

I have sold sporting images around the world, specialising in equestrianism and motor sports. My images have appeared in Olympian's autobiographies such as Sir Mark Todd and Mary King. Images have also been auctioned to raise money for Olympic funds. I have been offered positions by other top international professional sporting photographers.

Having a natural affinity with animals (which has led me to have my own animals which can't be left to their own devices by choice and professionalism) it has limited my photographic career but it's worth it! This helps me with my aims to capture character and spirit when taking photographs of animals. My knowledge also helps with timing the shot.

I am a qualified tutor (teaching computing and photography for Cornwall Adult Education) providing friendly, professional tuition.

I am committed to providing quality photographic and computing related services, based near Crackington Haven in North Cornwall. I am also happy to be a guide for those visiting the area.

Sara Rance

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