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'Roger (Dunheved Art)

Roger is a self-taught painter born on a rural farm near Launceston.  He has a business background in the transport industry, served as a Special Constable, travelled extensively across the USA and the British Isles and became a historian for the Launceston area, having set up the community website and linked Facebook page.  With these life inspirations, research and experimentation in artistic techniques around oil, watercolour, pastel and acrylic mediums, Roger creates paintings that feel nostalgic, multi-textured and evocative within each landscape or architectural subject, bringing a twist of movement and a shimmer of light to canvas, paper or card and has recently produced a series of original laser engraved/acrylic 3D wall pieces. In the last several years, Roger has been disabled and primarily housebound by severe ME/CFS, so his new style has evolved to enable acrylic painting very occasionally when able and his wife Cherry looks after sales and exhibitions.  20% of all sales profits will be donated to the charity Invest in ME Research (IIMER) that is pioneering biomedical research into this disease.  Roger has sold work through Drawn to the Valley Artists' Collective exhibitions, the Launceston shop window exhibition arranged as part of the Causley Festival and to private collectors in Sussex, Cheshire and Cornwall.  His 'Nostalgia Series' and other local heritage and landscape paintings/prints and cards are currently displayed here at Zebediahs.   

Contact:  Email:  Instagram @dunhevedart.  

Dunheved Art
Bridge to his Birthplace
Launceston Castle Copper multi layered wall picture
Launceston Southgate 1880 Multi Layered Wall Picture
Castle Footprints
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