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Ben Mcmanigan

Ben McManigan
Ben McManigan
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Ben McManigan is a craftsman potter working in Cornwall. He makes hand thrown studio pottery in stoneware, using unusual glazes. His speciality is 'raku' ware.

Ben started his pottery career when he was 15 and went on to study at the Medway College of Art & Design. He then opened a pottery in Rochester before moving down to Cornwall and setting up a pottery in Polyphant.

Ben's work has been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions throughout the UK, and he has also won several awards for his pottery. He is a member of the Cornwall Potters Association and the Craft Potters Association.

Ben is passionate about his work and is always experimenting with new glazes and techniques. He is also a keen teacher and offers pottery classes and workshops at his studio.

Ben's pottery is characterized by its unique and individual style. He uses a variety of techniques to create his work, including hand-building, throwing on the wheel, and Raku firing. His glazes are often inspired by nature, and he uses a variety of materials, including copper, iron, and manganese, to create his distinctive colors.

Ben's work is in high demand, and his pots are collected by people all over the world. He is a true craftsman, and his work is a testament to his dedication and skill.

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